Power on Ice

This unique Bentley driving experience, held in February 2017, provided guests with the perfect way to prosper from the extraordinary. They enjoyed a host of events with friends and family, drivers and non-drivers alike, as well as making new acquaintances with the same thirst for challenge and adventure.

In 2017, Power on Ice boasted the most comprehensive Bentley model line-up to date, including the New Continental Supersports, offering guests the first opportunity to drive this spectacular vehicle on ice. Our programme offered the thrill of the ice driving experience as guests learned how to handle these remarkable cars in the most extreme of conditions, with one-to-one tuition from Bentley experts. 

 Our guests also had the opportunity to see genuine reindeer herders at work, enjoy an evening drink in the private Ice Bar or simply relax by a log fire in a lakeside lodge.The programme also offered snowmobiling, ice karting, and a night-time husky sled adventure, as well as a traditional Finnish smoke sauna.


Here’s what some previous Power on Ice guests have said about the trip:

“Power on Ice was truly a testament to the power of Bentley to both organise and host an extraordinary event! Please accept our sincere thanks for all your efforts. What an experience, it was one to remember!” America

“Expectations exceeded … It was an unforgettable event! You did a great job. Thank you so much and see you next year!” Germany

“These four days were beyond anything we imagined. An experience for all ages. Delicious food and wine. The sight of so many beautiful cars took our breath away. The driving was fantastic and so much fun.” Canada

“After having travelled regularly to Finland every 3 weeks for 9 years I thought I had had enough, but these 3 days provided me with a real reason to come again and again. Thank you for a great experience.” Austria

“It was a wonderful exhilarating experience for all of us, unforgettable! Bentley is not just about performance but a good combination of luxury as well. Loved it!!” China

“It has been the best weekend of my life, It was an amazing experience and the company was great, all the staff all the way through have been great and really helpful. See you next year!!” Italy

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